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Bus transport in Croatia can be a very simple and extremely unique experience. But to make your journey with the buses in Split and Croatia more comfortable it is very important to know the correct information about bus schedules and ticket buying procedure. However, bus traveling is not as pleasant as traveling by car or train, but it has its charm.

Meeting local people while traveling by bus can be a very interesting experience because many of them use the bus to travel to work or to school. Buses drive all over Croatia, from the biggest cities to the small villages hidden deep in the Croatian wild. Also, there are bus lines in Croatia coming from and going to the most European cities.

As for the buses which travel from Split and to Split, we can say that the city of Split is well connected to almost all parts of Croatia and to some of the largest cities in Europe.
Bus station in Split is located in the center of the city, right next to city harbor and railway station. This perfect location enables quick and simple communication and passenger transfer. Bus traveling in Croatia

Bus services and connections in Croatia are very good. There are bus connections between even the smallest villages. Fast bus lines over longer distances are relatively comfortable. Traveling by bus is not expensive and the new Croatian highway has dropped significantly the travel duration. In almost every major city in Croatia there is a bus station where you can buy tickets and find all the travel schedules. Here you can find some tips that may help you if you travel by bus in Croatia:

Purchase your tickets in advance

It is still impossible to buy bus tickets for traveling in Croatia online, so the only solution is to purchase them at bus station terminals or on the bus. We strongly recommend that you buy the tickets at the bus station at least one day before the planned trip; this will save you the time and rush and you'll know for sure that your seats will be waiting for you at the bus. It is also good to keep in mind that you can buy tickets on the bus on the day of travel, but they can be more expensive than those purchased at the station in advance.

Bus seats

It may happen that on some journeys there are more passengers than seats, particularly on popular coast routs in the main season. If there are no seats available, you will have to stand.
The bus driver or the conductor can find free places for you, especially if you travel on a longer distance or if you've previously purchased your ticket.

Bus stops

Longer bus trips may have a few stops on the way. If you travel on the route that passes the highway you will probably stop at the gas stations on the way where you can get snacks, drinks and use the toilet. As in most countries, gas stations can be relatively expensive so you should think about buying snacks and drinks the day before at the local supermarket.

Baggage costs

If you have luggage (suitcases, backpacks, large pieces) you will have to pay for them. For every piece of luggage you will have to pay approximately 7-10 kn, so remember to keep some change when boarding. You will receive a confirmation number - equal to the label on your luggage which you'll have to preserve to the end of the trip.

Trip to Dubrovnik

If you plan to travel by bus to Dubrovnik, you will pass through a small part of Bosnia called Neum corridor. When entering and leaving the Croatian border you will need a passport, so be sure to keep it handy. In most cases, customs officials will get into the bus and take a look at your passport.

→ For any further information regarding buses in Split, we are here at your disposal. Leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.



"Great Visitors Guide to Split Croatia"

John Smith, traveler

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