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Sights in Split

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As a city with almost 2000 year old history, Split really has a lot to offer to its visitors. Within the very Diocletian's palace from which Split developed, there are many sights not to be missed. However, there are also sights outside the palace.

Starting from the north, before you enter the palace through the Golden Gate, there is the statue of Gregorius of Nin who was a Croatian bishop in the 10th century. The reason why this statue is most famous for is its left big toe which is said to bring good luck if you touch it. From so much touching it has been polished to a shine.

Entering the palace through the Golden Gate and passing the Cardo street, you arrive to the Peristyle square which was once the ceremonial entrance to the imperial quarters. Cardo was the main palace street stretching in direction north-south along with Decumanus stretching in direction east-west. Peristyle is today a place where many interesting events take place.

At the Peristyle there is the cathedral of St Domnius who is today the protector of Split. Originally, the cathedral was built as a Diocletian's mausoleum. At the foot of the belfry there is an Egyptian sphinx 3500 years old and brought from the east because Diocletian was fascinated with the Egyptian culture.

Climbing up the stairs from the Peristyle you come to Vestibule which was the link between the Peristyle and the imperial apartments of the palace. In the past, the hole in the ceiling was covered with a dome which was decorated with frescoes.

Sights in SplitSights in SplitSights in SplitSights in Split

Downstairs from the Peristyle you enter the magnificent substructures of the palace. Today, thanks to the basement layout, the layout of the upper floor is known because they are completely identical. They were probably used for storage and maybe the prison space where Diocletian tortured the Christians. Their excavation began only in the 19th century. Today, they are used as fair and exhibit space. To see the whole substructure area, the amount of 10 kn is paid for the entrance.

To the west of the Peristyle, through a narrow street you will come to the Jupiter's Temple which was built to honour god Jupiter. Later, it was converted into a baptistery. In front of the temple, there is also a sphynx but a headless one.

Other than this, there are also other three gates to the palace: Porta Ferrea (Iron Gate), Porta Argentea (Silver Gate) and Bronze Gates. Next to the Iron Gate there is the most beautiful baroque palace in Split, Cindro palace. Above the Iron Gate there is a church of Our Lady of the Belfry and the church of St Martin is above the Golden Gate (Porta Aurea). There were many other churches inside the walls of the palace but these two are the only preserved.

       Sights in Split  Sights in Split  Sights in Split

Inside the palace there are also several other palaces from different periods. The most known is the gothic-rennaisance Papalic palace. Today, within Papalic palace is the Split City Museum. Other palaces are Cindro, Cambi, Karepic...

Sights outside the palace are the following:

1) St. Benedict church - pre-romanesque church with the 15th century altar of St Arnir.
2) Pjaca - People's Square - from the 15th century with many Gothic, Rennaisance and Venetian buildings.
3) Sustipan - southwestern point of the Split harbour. It is named after the old monastery which was built in the Middle Ages. Today it's a park.
4) Marjan hill - a forest park for great strolls with beautiful views over the city. More about Marjan you can read here.
5) Museums - check here all about museums in Split.

To see all that Split has to offer, you will definitely need more than one day.

Sights in Split Sights in Split

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