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Day trip to Solta island

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The island of Solta is just like Brac, the island closest to Split. So, it would be great to consider it as a one day trip destination if you are staying in Split during your holidays.

Info on the island of Solta

Solta has a surface of about 60 m2 and it's the 13th largest island in Croatia. There is a total of 8 villages on the island which has a population of 1500 inhabitants. The coast of the island has a length of 80 km. The island has a very rich flora and fauna as well as a submarine world; it is known that Diocletian had a fishery built on Solta, in Necujam. Due to the purity of the sea, Solta is sometimes visited by Mediterranean monk seals and dolphins. Around Solta, there are seven smaller islands.

The island is also known for olive and wine growing as well as figs and especially honey which is made from wild rosemary and is the third best honey in the world.

The island is connected to the mainland by ferry and catamaran lines from Split to Rogac or Stomorska.







Solta sightseeing

If you want to go around Solta you will definitely need a car; otherwise there are buses connecting all villages on the island so you can pick one place and relax on a beach if that is what you prefer. Solta is a paradise for those who want to unwind and relax from a busy everyday life.

As already said, Solta has 8 villages. The main and the biggest village on the island is Grohote which is situated 2 km from the coast. It has always been the administrative and the economy centre of the island; there is also the island's school in Grohote.

Rogac is the main ferry harbour situated on the northern side of the island. Rogac is also a charter base and the only place on the island with a gas station for cars and boats.

Stomorska is also a coastal village and the oldest harbour on the island. This is a popular destination for sailing boats during the summer.

Necujam is situated on the north eastern part of the island in the biggest bay. This is the youngest village of the island with one of the largest beaches on Solta.

Maslinica is a village situated in the western part of the island. There is also an ACI Marina in Maslinica.

Three other villages, Gornje Selo, Donje Selo and Srednje Selo are typical Mediterranean villages with stone houses. In Gornje Selo there is an oil refinery and farms which are open for tourists' visits who can thus taste the local produce.







Since the island was inhabited even in the ancient history, there is also something for history lovers. There are more than 200 historical findings on the island such as sarcophagi, Roman mosaics... In Grohote and Donje Selo the remains of a Christian basilica. Between these two villages there is a church of St. Michael with a Gothic fresco from the 15th century.
On the island you can see the remains of old Roman villas; one of them is a castle in Maslinica which belongs to the Marchi family.

A memorial house of Marko Marulic, a famous Croatian writer, can be found in Necujam.

Getting to Solta

As mentioned above, the island is connected with the mainland by ferry and catamaran lines from Split. Ferries from Split go to Rogac and catamarans go to Rogac and Stomorska. The trip lasts about 50 minutes.

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